Map Policy



Effective January 1st, 2018

To promote CatEye's reputation as a manufacturer of high quality bicycle lights and cycle computer products, ensure CatEye's ability to provide comprehensive warranty and support services, and to enhance CatEye’s competitive position in the sporting goods and cycling industry; CatEye has adopted the policy described below for the advertising of CatEye bicycle lights, bicycle accessories and cycling computer products.

As always, the law allows our retailers to sell CatEye products at any price and through any means they see fit, and this policy should not be construed as an attempt to change that in any way. The purpose of this policy is to announce that CatEye, in its sole discretion, may elect not to continue to supply products in the future to retailers who directly or indirectly advertise or sell CatEye products in contravention of this policy.

CatEye reserves the right to modify minimum advertising prices and its policies from time to time and will inform you of any changes. The purpose of this policy is to make clear that CatEye, in its exclusive discretion, may decide not to continue to supply products in the future to any retailer who advertises the products covered by this policy for sale at a price that is below the minimum advertising price then in effect for that product.

Authorized resellers can obtain a list of all CatEye products covered by this policy by contacting or by contacting a sales representative @ 800.5.CATEYE. It is the sole responsibility of each retailer to ensure they are referencing a current UMAP list. Please note that when products are sold over the Internet, listed prices must comply with this advertising policy.

In addition, CatEye may elect not to continue to supply products in the future to retailers who directly or indirectly:

  • Use a phrase such as “Will Not Be Undersold,” “Guarantees A Lower Price” or “We Will Beat Any Price,” or words to this effect as applicable to CatEye products. General advertising using such phrases does not violate this advertising policy so long as information on CatEye products in the advertising makes clear that such discounting does not apply to those CatEye products.
  • Use terms such as “Call”, “New”, “Call for Price”, “Discount”, “Special”, “Sale”, “Used”,“Negotiate”, and the like when advertising CatEye products.
  • Leave the price “blank” or do not indicate the suggested retail prices when advertising
    CatEye products covered by this policy.
  • Packaging the sale of CatEye products with other products (whether manufactured by CatEye or otherwise) that are sold at a discount or provided to the customer for free, including without limitation “Buy one, get one free”, etc.
  • No alias selling. Retailers may not sell any CatEye-branded product on line, by catalog or otherwise under an alias name or address (e.g., ABC Bike Shop may not sell on line under the name

For purposes of this policy, “Advertising” includes ads and promotions placed with television, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines, flyers or emails, Social Media, including without limitation, direct mail flyers sent by retailers to their customers, as well as advertising or promoting CatEye products through wholesale catalogs or computer network services (including auction sites, web pages and other sites and all other methods of advertising over the Internet).


No CatEye product may be sold on third party or online auction sites including, but not limited to, Amazon, Rakuten, Walmart or Jet without an authorized Online Seller Agreement available through CatEye America. This prohibition includes both inline and off-MAP products. Contact for agreements.


CatEye does not currently allow for any promotional windows. CatEye reserves the right to create promotional windows at its sole discretion.


The laws of the United States allow retailers to charge whatever price they feel is appropriate based upon the retail environment and individual situation. These laws also allow CatEye to establish, announce and adhere to policies we feel protect the best interest of our company. If CatEye determines that CatEye products have been advertised and or sold in contravention of this policy, or in any way which we feel, in our sole discretion, does not serve the best interest of CatEye, we may choose to terminate sales to the pertinent distributors and retailers. We may also automatically cease participation in any cooperative advertising program or other advertising and promotion program. This is a CatEye corporate policy and no distributor, retailer or sales representative is authorized to interpret it, waive it, or discuss it. The adoption and enforcement of this policy is entirely the unilateral action of CatEye. All retailers are responsible for establishing their own retail prices and are, of course, free to price CatEye products at whatever price they choose.