Common Questions:

How should I store my rechargeable headlight or tail-light for long periods?

  • It is recommended to store the light in a cool and dry place. The lithium-ion battery must be charged for at least 30 minutes every 6 months to maintain normal battery capacity.

How do I remove my computer from the bracket?:

  • 1. Install the Flextight bracket to your bicycle.
  • 2. Grasp the front of the bracket with your index finger and wrap your remaining fingers around the handlebar. 
  • 3. Hold your other hand behind the computer to prevent the computer from falling on the floor.
  • 4. Push the computer forward and off the bracket (i.e. towards the direction of travel when riding) with your thumb. 
  • . The computer will disengage from the bracket once significant force has been applied. 

My tire size is not listed in the manual:

My computer has stopped calculating my speed:

  • Check the speed sensor battery every 6-8 months and replace as needed. After replacing the sensor battery, confirm that the sensor is correctly aligned. The wheel magnet should be 2-3 millimeters or 1/8 inch from the sensor when aligned correctly. The sensor will not read your speed if the distance is greater than 5 millimeters or 1/4 inch. As a general rule, your index finger should not be able to fit between the magnet and sensor once they have been properly aligned.

My computer does not calculate my speed when using my headlight:

  • When run in flashing mode, many rechargeable LED headlights can create radio frequency interference that effectively prevents the speed sensor signal from being received by the computer. Certain brands of headlights can cause this issue because their lights are not shielded to prevent RF interference.

Tips to avoid radio frequency interference:

  • 1) Purchase a shielded headlight such as our Volt series
  • 2) Mount the light on your helmet or another location at least 2-3 feet from the source of interference.
  • 3) Avoid running your headlight in flashing mode.

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