• AMPP800 with Helmet Mount
  • AMPP800 with Helmet Mount
  • AMPP800 with Helmet Mount
  • AMPP800 with Helmet Mount

AMPP800 with Helmet Mount

Available as a helmet mount only, the compact, durable AMPP800 offers superior beam patterns on or off road. Combined with its three level battery indicator means there is always time to get home.
Modes/Run Times:
Flashing Mode:
200 lumens | 30hrs
High Mode:
800 lumens | 1.5hrs
Middle Mode:
400 lumens | 2hrs
Low Mode:
200 lumens | 4hrs
Daytime HyperFlash Mode:
800/200 lumens | 4hrs
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AMPP800 Features:
  • High power rechargeable headlight (800 lm)
  • Powerful wide beam with OptiCube™ lens technology
  • Excellent side cut outs for enhanced side visibility
  • Large capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • 3-level battery indicator (Blue: above 50% | Yellow: 30-50% | Red: Less than 30%)
  • Compact and robust alloy body
  • USB rechargeable (Micro USB cable included)
  • Double click to turn on High mode
  • Secure FlexTight™bracket for quick installation
  • Water resistant
  • Optional helmet mount, center fork bracket available
  • 5 light modes: High, Middle, Low, Daytime HyperConstant, Flashing

Tech Specs
Optional Parts Center Fork Bracket (5342440), Flextight bracket (5342400)
Recharge TimeApprox 3-7 hrs, about 300 recharge times (until rated capacity drops to 70%)
Light Source

High intensity white LED x1

Dimension32 X 102 X 33 mm
Weight approx 136 grams