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The Volt700 is a USB rechargeable cycle headlight with 700 lumen output and quick-change, large capacity 3100mAH Li-ion battery.


The 700 lumen Volt700 features five modes: Dynamic, Normal, All-Night, Hyper-Constant, and Flashing. The large capacity 3100mAH Li-ion cartridge battery that can be charged via micro USB. The battery is compatible with the Volt300, Volt400, Volt800, and Volt50, making it a smart addition to the Volt light series.

The Volt700. Super compact. Super bright.

What's Included

Includes H-34 FlexTightTM handlebar mount and micro USB charging cable

Cartridge battery system
Battery indicator
USB rechargeable


  • 31.2 x 116.0 x 43.2 mm
  • Weight:140 grams (light unit and battery)


  • 700 lumens
  • High intensity white LED X1
  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V-3100mAh)
  • Built-in fast charging circuit
  • Low battery indicator
  • Lighting mode memory function.
  • Helmet Mount

Optional Parts

  • Center Fork Bracket (5342440)

Modes/Run time

  • High: Approx 2 Hours (700 lumens)
  • Middle: Approx 3.5 Hours (300 lumens)
  • Low: Approx 10 Hours (100 lumens)
  • Hyper Constant: Approx 7 Hours (800/100 lumens)
  • Flashing: Approx 50 Hours (100 lumens)
  • Recharge time: Approx  5-11hrs (5hr fast recharge using 1A or higher USB charging adaptor, or using USB3.0)
  • Recharge/discharge number of times: about 300 times(until the rated capacity drops to 70%)


* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Worked great for a few weeks, stopped working after first battery life cycle, I'm currently waiting on a response from customer service, I would give higher ratings if they replace, I'm hoping I just got a lemon because I loved it when it was working correctly

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Better than the CatEye Nano Shot

by - verified purchaser
After about 3 weeks of near daily use, I decided that this may be the best headlight I've owned. This was a substantial upgrade from the CatEye Nano, which itself is a good commuting light. The Volt 700 is very useful on the unlit multi-use path part of my ride home in the evening and on the better lit neighborhood roads as well. I think the dynamic setting, which flashes briefly to max brightness from a base light level, is good for lit city streets while bringing attention to the rider. The mount is the same as the Nano, and is strong, compact and simple as others have noted here. I purchased the charging cradle to make charging up at the office easier (it is compatible with Volt 700, even if the description says otherwise).

It's also worth noting that the light is bright enough for visibility during the daytime, especially in flashing modes.

I've yet to drain the battery on my roughly 30 minute each way commute. I tend to place in the charging cradle every 3 days or so to charge. Also, I debated about ordering the Volt 1200, but glad to have chosen the lighter 700, which is plenty bright for my needs.

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