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The Volt300 is a USB rechargeable cycle headlight with a 300 lumen output and quick-change cartridge battery.

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The Volt300 is a USB rechargeable cycle headlight that features quick-change cartridge battery and 300 lumen output in compact design. This light features five modes: High, Normal, Low, Hyper Constant and Flashing. The Volt300 can be mounted on or under the handlebars or on the helmet. Spare cartridge batteries, ideal for long rides and commuting, and charging cradle are available as add-on parts and can be changed safely and easily without any additional tools.

What's Included

Includes H-34 FlexTightTM handlebar mount, helmet mount, and micro USB charging cable

* 300 Lumen Cartridge Battery and Quick Charge Cradle are available as optional spare parts.

* Helmet not Included.

Cartridge battery system
Battery indicator
USB rechargeable


  • 111.5 x 31.0 x 38.0 mm
  • Weight:120 grams (light unit and battery)


  • 300 lumens
  • High intensity white LED X1
  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.7V-2200mAh)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Lighting mode memory function.
  • Helmet Mount (USA only)

Optional Parts

  • Center Fork Bracket (5342440)

Modes/Run time

  • High: Approx 3 Hours (300 lumens)
  • Middle: Approx 8 Hours (100 lumens)
  • Low: Approx 18 Hours (50 lumens)
  • Hyper Constant: Approx 11 Hours (300/50 lumens)
  • Flashing: Approx 60 Hours (60 lumens)
  • Recharge time: Approx 3-6hrs (USB2.0 recharge), 3hrs via optional fast-charging cradle
  • Recharge/discharge number of times: about 300 times(until the rated capacity drops to 70%)

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Most Helpful Reviews :


great commuter light

by - verified purchaser
I have been using a Volt 300 for several years, commuting both in broad daylight and pitch black on back roads. I love this light- it lights up the back country roads and bike trails at night and gives me plenty of vision ahead riding at 15mph and more. In daylight I use blink mode, which will run for a ridiculously long time. Sometimes the most important thing is to be seen from the front, by traffic turning into your lane of travel. It is easy to switch light modes when riding, which I do when passing other riders and walkers on the bike trail, to avoid the high-beam effect in their faces. I believe there are more powerful lights, but this one is totally adequate, and I think some of the lights are actually too bright, blinding out the other riders / pedestrians passing in the opposite direction.

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Great at night and during the day

Bought this as a replacement for a somewhat cheap set of lights my high school daughter had on her bike. I decided to go with this light not for the darkness performance, but for the performance she gets in the afternoon. In the dark, almost anything can make you be seen, but in the daylight its not so easy, but just as important. This light delivers that well. She was already asked by another biker what light she had and where she got it, because he could see better with her light than he could his own. Mode memory is nice, as is the low battery warning.
Its expensive for what it is, but seems well built. For sure has to be removed if parking in public or it will be gone.
If you are a night time off road rider you might want more, or two of them.
I thought it came with the charging base, but it did not.

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Best bike light I have seen or used

by - verified purchaser
The volt 300 is the brightest that i would want a bike light, great for pitch dark paths at night and metropolitan use in the boston area.
Battery life is great
Strudy metal build withstands dozens of hard drops

the plastic piece on the light that connects to the flextight bracket wears down over a year or so of use but can be ordered through cateye small parts

Ive recommended this light to all of my family and friends

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