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The Rapid X features superior side visibility and a Low Battery Auto Save function, providing a new level of safety. Now with a 50 lumen output.

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The USB Rechargeable Rapid X provides a bright powerful glow with incredible side visibility. When the battery runs low the low battery Auto Save function automatically changes the light pattern from the current mode to flashing providing an additional hour of riding safety. 6 modes. 2 Hour charge time.

What's Included

Includes Rapid X attachment base, one large and one small attachment band, and a micro USB charging cable.

Dimension:74.2 x 24.4 x 30.8mm
Weight:22.5g (with batteries)
Light source:COB LED
Battery:Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
High mode: 1 hr
Low mode: 5 hrs
Flashing mode:30 hrs
Rapid mode:16 hrs
Pulse mode:16 hrs
Vibration mode: 8 hrs
Recharge time: 2 hrs (USB recharge)
Mount size:Rubber band mount (fits φ 12.0-32.0mm)
Other : Battery auto save, Low battery indicator, Lighting mode memory
The factory-loaded battery life might be shorter than the specification above.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Rapid LD 700

by - verified purchaser
A superior blinker for the rear of your ride. 6 modes for you to choose and the lamp automatically remembers which mode you were using last so it restarts in the last mode used. Excellent! Mine has recharged faster than published and it lasts longer than anything else like it. Bright enough to be seen during the day and it is dazzling at night. The only con is that the rubber cover is not attached to the body so it might get lost... 4 Stars!!!!

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