CatEye Omni 5 Rear TL-LD155-R

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Impressive Light for the Price

by - verified purchaser
This light was purchased as a replacement for a 20+ year old CatEye LD-500 whose switch is now intermittent. I was so impressed that I received over two decades of use from the original product that I replaced it with another CatEye product.

This light is epic for the price. The brightness is intense and far out shines the model it replaced. The transparent housing allows the light to glow through the housing and be visible from the sides and front as well. The light has only 3 modes, solid, blink, and a crazy flashing mode but that is really all that is required. Impressive is the fact that the light can be turned on/off in its set mode without having to cycle through all three modes; it takes a learned "touch" but it can be done. The CatEye mounting tab on the light's body has remained unchanged in over 20 years. This allowed me to simply remove the LD-500 from the mounting bracket and drop in the LD-155.

This light has retro styling with modern LED features. I strongly recommend the purchase.

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