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Designed to ensure your safety where accidents happen most.

Legendary CatEye reflector technology and white LED come together to provide eye-catching side visibility, ensuring your safety where accidents happen most. Intersection collisions are responsible for the majority of bicycle accidents, and the Orbit 2 provides dynamic motion visibility that headlights and safety lights alone just can't match. Installs easily to 24-29" wheels with 28-32 spoke counts. Don't let lack of side visibility make you a statistic; stay safe and seen with Orbit 2 spoke lights.
Dimension:120.0 X 36.0 X 29.0mm
Weight:approx 37.5 grams (with batteries)
Light source:White LED X1
Battery:CR2032 x2
Approx 30hrs in constant mode and 50hrs in flashing mode
Wheel size:24 ~ 29 inches
Spoke type:Round spokes: No.13G ~ No.16G
Aero spokes: Width 2.0mm 〜 3.5mm
Spoke count:28 or 32H
Other:The reflector meets World major safety standards: (C.P.S.C., BS6102/2, DIN-StVZO, JIS D9452, AS-2142, Canada, French Homologation, Swedish Standard, Belgian Homologation, Danish Standard)
The factory-loaded battery life might be shorter than the specification above.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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