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Micro USB Cable for the Volt/Volt XC series headlights. Also used for the Rapid family of safety lights

Micro USB Cable for the Volt/Volt XC series headlights. Also used for the Rapid family of safety lights.

Compatible Models (headlights)

  • Volt 100 HL-EL150RC
  • Volt 1200 HL-EL1000RC
  • Volt 1600 Hl-EL1010RC
  • Volt 200 HL-EL151RC
  • Volt 200XC HL-EL060RC
  • Volt 300 HL-EL460RC
  • Volt 400 HL-EL461RC
  • Volt 400XC HL-EL070RC
  • Volt 50 HL-EL460RC-REAR
  • Volt 500XC HL-EL080RC
  • Volt 700 HL-EL470RC
  • Volt 800 HL-EL471RC
  • Volt 400 Duplex HL-EL462RC-H

Compatible Models (safety lights)

  •  Loop 2 RC Front SL-LD140RC-F
  •  Loop 2 RC Rear SL-LD140RC-R
  •  Rapid Mini TL-LD635-R
  •  Rapid X Front TL-LD700-F
  •  Rapid X Rear TL-LD700-R
  •  Rapid X2 Front TL-LD710-F
  •  Rapid X2 Kinetic TL-LD710K
  •  Rapid X2 Rear TL-LD710-R
  •  Rapid X3 Front TL-LD720-F
  •  Rapid X3 Rear TL-LD720-R
  •  Wearable X SL-WA100

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