SKU: #HL-EL140


1 LED and 400 candlepower with a long battery life make this a perfect everyday commuter headlight.

The HL-EL140 has a single extremely bright LED and OptiCube lens technology for a wider, 400 candlepower beam with excellent visibility that is 30% brighter than the HL-EL135. With two AA batteries, the HL-EL140 will run up to 30 hrs on constant mode and up to 200 hrs on flashing mode, making it the perfect everyday commuter safety light. Featuring our exclusive tool-free FlexTightTM mounting bracket that allows you to quickly and easily attach the HL-EL140 to almost any handlebar.

What's Included

Includes 2 AA alkaline batteries and H-34 FlexTightTM handlebar mount


  • 0 x 36.0 x 26mm
  • Weight: 78g (body & batteries only)


  • One ultra-high brightness white LED
  • Batteries Used: 2 AA alkaline batteries (only alkaline batteries)

Modes/Run time

  • Lit: Approx 30 Hours
  • Flashing: Approx 200 Hours

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