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SKU: #1604110


New cold forged aluminum dual mount out front handlebar bracket


  • Aluminum bracket compatible with CatEye Wireless computers and headlights
  • Mounts on both sides of stem
  • 31.8mm diameter (direct mount when used with thin spacer) and 25-26mm (when used with supplied thick rubber spacer)
  • Includes GoPro style bracket for action cameras
  • 71g

New cold forged aluminum dual mount computer and headlight out front handlebar bracket that is compatible with modern CatEye Wireless computers and headlights (see specs tab for compatible models).

The headlight mount is also GoPro compatible and is available as a spare part (GP Bracket 5445340 )

Compatible Models (computers)

  • Adventure CC-AT200W
  • Commuter CC-COM10W
  • Fit CC-PD100W
  • Micro Wireless CC-MC200W
  • Padrone CC-PA100W
  • Padrone Digital Double CC-PA400B
  • Padrone Plus CC-PA110W
  • Padrone Smart + CC-SC100B
  • Padrone Smart CC-PA500B
  • Stealth 10 CC-GL10
  • Stealth 50 CC-GL50
  • Stealth EVO CC-GL11
  • Stealth EVO+ CC-GL51
  • Strada Digital Wireless Double CC-RD410DW
  • Strada Digital Wireless HR CC-RD420DW
  • Strada Digital Wireless Triple CC-RD430DW
  • Strada Double Wireless CC-RD400DW
  • Strada Slim CC-RD310W
  • Strada Smart CC-RD500B
  • Strada Wireless CC-RD300W
  • Strada Wireless Universal CC-RD310W
  • Urban Wireless CC-VT220W
  • Urban Wireless CC-VT240W
  • Urban Wireless+ CC-VT245W

Compatible Models (headlights)

  • Volt 100 HL-EL150RC
  • Volt 200 HL-EL151RC
  • Volt 300 HL-EL460RC
  • Volt 400 HL-EL461RC
  • Volt 700 HL-EL470RC
  • Volt 800 HL-EL471RC
  • Volt 1200 HL-EL1000RC
  • Volt 1600 HL-EL1010RC
  • Volt 1700 HL-EL1020RC
  • Volt 6000 HL-EL6000RC

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